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Vendor email addresses imported incorrectly through Integration manager

On a new Dynamics GP 2010 install, we imported vendor information using Integration Manager.    In Integration Manager, you can map a field from your import file to the "email address" field.   However, this will import your email address into the old email address field and not the new email address field that is now available in GP 2010.     To fix this, we had to take two steps:

1)   Rename the old email address field to something else.   

Go to Tools > Setup > Company > Company and then click on the Internet User Defined button.   The first user defined field is labeled as the email address but in GP 2010 that is misleading if you are planning to use the new GP 2010 email address fields.   So rename this first user defined field to something else.

2)  You can run a sql command in the database to copy over the email addresses that you populated incorrectly over to the new GP 2010 email address fields.

a)  Verify that your email addresses you imported from Integration Manager really populated the old "inet1" field in the database:

Run this sql command:     select * from SY01200 where Master_Type = 'ven' and inet1 <>''

Is the "inet1" field populated with your email addresses?   If so, run the next step.

b)  Copy the email addresses from inet1 to the new GP 2010 email to address field in this same table called "emailtoaddress".

Run this sql command:

Update SY01200 set EmailToAddress = INET1
where Master_Type='ven' and INET1 <>''

c)  Delete the email addresses in the old inet1 field.

Update SY01200 set INET1=''
where Master_Type='ven' and INET1 <>''