Tips on Importing a Budget into Dynamics GP From Excel

Dynamics GP includes the ability to import a budget from Excel.   Go to Financial > Cards > Budgets.   However, it can be a tricky process because the error handling by Microsoft is not very good.   So here are some tips on making the budget import process work.

1.   Your Excel spreadsheet must look a certain way.   See the attached spreadsheet for an example.    In particular, notice that your first period column must be a "beginning balance" column, even if it is all zeros as would be the case if you are primarily budgeting for profit and loss accounts.    You cannot have a total column.

2.   When you import the Excel spreadsheet, once the spreadsheet is imported, it will NOT give you any error messages or warnings.    So it may look like the import ran, and you may have a budget that is created, but it may not be complete.  The import process does NOT give you any warnings if:

a)   It doesn't import one of your budget amounts because it cannot find the G/L account in Dynamics GP.   The budget just doesn't go in.   It is up to you to make sure that your Excel spreadsheet contains valid G/L accounts in Dynamics GP.

b)   If your Excel spreadsheet has multiple lines for the same G/L account, it will not import them all.   It will merely take the budget amount from one of the line items, not all of them.   You must combine multiple budget line items for the same G/L account into just one line in your Excel spreadsheet.

Devin Johnson,
Mar 6, 2012, 9:09 AM