Help options for Dynamics GP

There are a variety of tools to help you learn Dynamics GP (Great Plains):
1)   Every menu in Dynamics GP has a ? mark icon in the lower right hand corner.   Click on it and you can read the internal help.   If you click on the "fields" icon in this screen, you can also see a field by field description of the fields in the screen you are in.
2)   Dynamics GP comes with a series of PDF user manuals that are automatically installed with the software.  From within the software, click on the ? icon in the upper right hand corner of the application and then select "printable manuals" from the menu that comes up.

3)   IMPORTANT:    the contents of the internal help and the contents of the printable manuals can be different.    So, if you are struggling to understand something in GP, it pays to look at both of the internal help.

4)  If you can login to Microsoft’s CustomerSource website, you can get to 2 key resources:

a. A really good searchable knowledgeable.
b. Online training for GP.

If you cannot get logged into CustomerSource, you can search the knowledgebase using this MIcrosoft website link:   Search Microsoft's Kbase

5)  You can call your local GP consultant and pay him or her an hourly rate to support you.

6)  You can call Microsoft’s support team and pay $125 per case with a credit card.    You may already have paid for some support cases with Microsoft if you are on one of the types of Microsoft annual maintenance plans that includes prepaid support cases (see separate discussion).