How to research the Dynamics GP database

Tips to get you started towards understanding the Dynamics GP database structure:

1.    Use the Resource Descriptions Window in Dynamics GP.

Go to Tools > Resource Descriptions > Tables.    When this window comes up, click on the little box with the 3 ellipsis on it.    This will bring up the data dictionary for Dynamics GP.   You can look up each table and then drill-down on each table to see the fields in each table.  

2.    Use the table import feature in Dynamics GP.

There are two steps here:

a) Open a Great Plains Window that contains information you are interested in.

b) Click on Tools > Integrate > Table Import.   You will be given a list of the database tables that this Window uses.    Note:   the tables are listed using the "table name" used by Dynamics GP not the actual SQL table name.   So you then have to take the "table name" used by Dynamics GP and translate it to the actual SQL Server table name using the Resource Descriptions window described in step 1.

3.   Install the free Dynamics GP SDK software.

The Great Plains SDK is a help system about the database.  It includes a lot of information about how the database is laid out.  It is a piece of software that you need to install.   You can install it on any PC, even one that doesn't have Dynamics GP installed on it.  The Great Plains SDK can be installed using the original Dynamics GP CD/DVD (see the folder on the CD/DVD called Tools\SDK).

4.   If you are a SQL database person, you may also want to look at these kbase articles: