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Project accounting information for this vendor does not exist

If you have just turned on Dynamics GP project accounting, and you try to create a purchase order for a vendor, you may get this error message:

"Project Accounting information for this vendor does not exist. Do you want to add the vendor’s project information?"

This message will come up every time if you try to do a purchase order in Dynamics GP on a vendor for whom you have not configured the project accounting information.   For each vendor, you have to go to Cards > Purchasing > Vendor and select the vendor.   You then have to click on the project button on this screen and fill out the project related information for this vendor.

See Microsoft's kbase article http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2004318 for more information.

Is this too much configuration work to do this for every vendor?    If so, one solution is to update the SQL Server database behind the scenes to populate the project accounting information for every vendor.

When you run the step above, a record gets created in the Dynamics GP company database in the PA00901 table.    You can run the following SQL command to insert into this table a record for every one of your vendors:

Insert into PA00901 (VENDORID,PAddlDefpoformatouse)
select vendorid, 1 from PM00200 where VENDORID not in (select VENDORID from PA00901)

Run this sql command against your Dynamics GP company database.


1.   The above sql command sets your default PO format to use to "Blank paper".    That's what the "1" does in the above sql command (see the field called 

2.   When you go to Cards > Purchasing > Vendor and select a vendor and then select the Project button, there are actually a lot of different project related settings that you can optionally set for a vendor.    The above SQL command does NOT populate any of these optional settings.  So if these optional settings are critical to you, you will need to alter the above sql command to populate them or you may be forced to go into each vendor record manually.