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Unable to close a project in Dynamics GP

In Dynamics GP 2010, if you are unable to close a project because the project you are trying to close doesn't meet the project closing checklist
1)   First go through the steps listed in the attached kbase article 940833 from Microsoft.   This walks you through how to properly investigate why the project/contract will not close.
2)   If you tried everything in step 1 and still you can't close the project, try this.    Are you trying to close a time and materials project?    Go to Tools > Setup > Project > Project.   Check the box called "Allow project closing checklist override for T&M projects".   This will allow you to close a time and materials project, even if it is failing the normal project closing checklist.
3)   You could try the step listed in the attached kbase article 855401 from Microsoft.   But, notice that this is an "archived kbase" article (for whatever reason).   We tried it on a client and it didn't really work.
4)   If steps 1 to 3 don't work, you may not have a choice but to directly update the SQL Server database.   Normally, you should not attempt to directly update a complicated SQL Server database like Dynamics GP.   But sometimes you have no choice.
If you run the following SQL commands against your company database for each project:
This updates the contract status to closed:
Update PA01101 set PASTAT=3 where PACONTNUMBER='06-0232C'
This updates all of the projects under that contract to closed: 
Update PA01201 set PASTAT=3 where PACONTNUMBER='06-0232C'
At least this method resulted in the outdated projects from showing up on the "open projects" list.
5)  OPTIONALLY, after you run the update in step 3, you can then delete the contract using the "mass delete" button in Dynamics GP.  Go to Tools > Utilities > Project > Mass Contract Delete.   You should be able to delete the contract.   This would delete all your contract history.
Devin Johnson,
Jan 17, 2012, 11:25 AM
Devin Johnson,
Jan 17, 2012, 11:25 AM