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Changing a Dynamics GP install to point to a shared reports.dic file

 Dynamics GP includes 200+ canned reports that are included by default with the program.   Those reports were built with a proprietary reporting tool called Report Writer.    Dynamics GP users can modify those reports by going to Tools > Customize > Report Writer from within Dynamics GP.    Once you make a modification, the modification is stored in a file called "reports.dic".      This reports.dic file can be located anywhere on a user's PC or on a network share location, depending on how it was configured when Dynamics GP was first installed.

When you install Dynamics GP, the install automatically defaults to giving you a reports.dic file on your local C drive in the same directory as the Dynamics GP software.   However, most people don't like that because it would mean that each user would have their own reports.dic file and thus all users would not be sharing any report modifications that had been done.

Typically, when Dynamics GP is first installed on the server, most people like to copy the reports.dic file to a shared network drive and then have everyone that has Dynamics GP share that file.   That way, every Dynamics GP user has access to the same customized reports.

So, when you install a Dynamics GP client, you must change the install on that client to point to the shared reports.dic file.   To do that, you must edit a configuration file called dynamics.set.  The dynamics.set file is located on the local C drive in the same directory as the Dynamics GP software.    Open this file in notepad and find an entry that looks something like this:

:C:Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Dynamics/GP/Data/REPORTS.DIC

You must edit this to point to the shared reports.dic file:


Notice that it is best to use a UNC reference.