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How to create a new user in Dynamics GP

Steps to create a new user in Dynamics GP:

1.   Log in to Dynamics GP with the sa user id.

2.   Go to Tools > Setup > System > User.    Type in a new user id and password.

3.   Go to Tools > Setup > System > User Access.    Grant the new user id access to the appropriate companies.

4.   Go to Tools > Setup > System > User Security.   Grant the new user one or more security roles in Dynamics GP.   This will determine what screens and what functions the user can perform.    Grant the new user the role "Poweruser" if you want the user id to have full access to the system.   Also in this window select the appropriate "alternative/modified forms and reports id".  This will determine which modified Dynamics GP reports the user will run (versus still running the canned original report).  Most companies only have 1, but sometime there is more than one.

5.   If you are using the Project Accounting module, you must set the user up for that module.   Go to Tools > Setup > Project > User.   Select the new user ID and then click on the various button you see on the screen to set whatever options you want to set for this user.

6.   If you are using Business Portal, there are many additional steps.   See Steps to configure a user in Dynamics GP Business Portal.

That's it.   The above steps will create a user id in SQL Server with the appropriate security roles, so you don't have to actually go into SQL Server and do anything.